Joining the Nursery

First things first, come and check out the Nursery for yourself! Located on the fringes East Sands, St Andrews. You will be warmly greeted and given a tour of the Nursery where we will spend time giving you a comprehensive overview the Nursery and answering any questions you may have. At the moment we can only accommodate garden visits due to Early Years Covid Guidance with exception for pre-start sessions, child with ASN settling in. During this process, parent/carer must be wear a face mask.

Once you’ve decided that the University Nursery is the perfect nursery for your child, the next steps are easy. You will decide which session times will suit you and your child best, whether it is part-time (mornings or afternoons) or full-time. If you are returning to work, or require longer hours for your child, are open from 7.45am and until 6.00pm. We also run a bookable service after 6.00pm.

How to get started

You will receive a registration form to complete. Once we have received your form and paid, (Don’t start payments till the child is doing the set sessions they requested and Pre-starts are successful) we will then enrol your child and mutually agree on a start date. Usually the child has 3 Pre-starts, first one for an hour to meet the Room senior and go over their Personal Care Plan (this is sent out along with the registration form). Second Pre-start one and a half hours, third Pre-start two hours (2 and 3, this is when we will attempt the child being left at nursery and parent leaves) Pre-starts could be extended to meet the child’s needs and to ensure they are settled.

All ongoing fees are to be paid monthly or in advance. A Key worker is assigned once the child starts nursery, on Pre-starts they will meet the Room Senior and the Team on shift that day.

Finally, relax in the knowledge that your child is in the very best hands, with qualified staff who have extensive experience caring for children in a nursery environment.